June 17, 2022

Quanton’s Somaliland project will bring an end to famine

Quanton Commodities has launched an ambitious and far-sighted  Integrated Logistics Project in Somaliland. At the heart of the project is the food security, social responsibility and wellbeing of the people in Horn of Africa- Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somaliland, Somalia and Djibouti.

Quanton plan to bring to an end the frequent famine and internal displacement of people associated with such events. Quanton believe is working with the people. Hence, it tied up with a strong local partner.   

The project will be centred at Berbera, the port which now rivals Djibouti Port as the new gateway to the Horn of Africa.  Quanton plans to build an effective and seamless grain procurement, storage and distribution system. The project is progressing as per schedule, despite lot of obstruction and difficulties. Land for the project has already been allocated.

Quanton is now in discussion with engineers and consultants to commence the civil engineer part of the project. This project is expected to be up and running by end 2023.