We specialise in wheat, barley and corn, from origin regions of North Europe, the Black Sea, and South America.

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Grains physical trading

Since inception, Quanton’s primary focus is to establish a strong physical trading record in grains. We specialise in wheat, barley and corn, from origin regions of North Europe, the Black Sea, and South America.

In the second half of 2021, Quanton has traded over 1.4 million tons of grains, transforming foods through time, locations and forms. 

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Wheat is one of the oldest and most important of the cereal crops. There are several types of wheat classified by protein level below 10% (feed wheat) and up to 14% used mostly for bread making and pastries.

The worldwide production of wheat stands at 772 million metric tons per year and exports are valued at 38.8 billion USD per year. With the world population increasing every year, there is an ever-growing demand for this staple grain.


Barley is a cereal grain grown in temperate climates globally. With 10,000 years of history, barley is one of the oldest cultivated grains, particularly in Russia and Germany.

The world produces over 140 million tons of barley every year. Barley is used primarily for animal feed and for alcoholic beverages production. A minor amount of barley is used to produce a diverse range of foodstuffs consumed by human


Mainly used for animal feed and the production of Ethanol, corn is key to keep economies running. There are 2 types of corn, yellow corn that fetches higher prices and contains a higher nutritional value. White corn has slightly lower price and lower nutritional value.

In 2020 1.09 billion MT of corn was produced, and USA is the largest producer with around 345 million MT.  1 billion MT of corn is consumed with an annual growth rate of around 3%.


Oilseeds, such as soybeans, rapeseed, sunflower, coconut and oil palm have a high economical value and are crushed to create vegetable oil. Owing to their nutrient composition, oilseeds are mainly used for foods, animal feeds and industrial applications such as renewable fuels or pharmaceutics. The world’s leading oilseeds producers are Asia, United States, Argentina, the European Union and Brazil.

Due to the increase in demand, crops like soybeans benefit from their fast growth which allows for double-cropping production, especially in Latin America

Tender participation

Quanton is registered for government food tenders of Iraq, Ethiopia, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan. We are actively looking for tender opportunities worldwide.

Strong in grains, Quanton is also competitive in supplying oilseeds, oils and meals.

Project in Uganda

Construct and operate grain silos in the south of Uganda.

Expansion into East Africa and Asia

Supplying milling wheat in in East Africa and Southeast Asia, as well as feed grains and meals.

Project in Kenya

Participate in the infrastructure construction of Kenya’s latest port.

Project in Zimbabwe

Construct and operate grain silos in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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