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Coffee, cocoa and sugar, from origin regions of Africa and South America.

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Coffee is a global market that has become a staple for many people’s daily lives. An average person drinks 2 cups of coffee each day in the UK. There are two coffee markets, the higher quality Arabica market, traded in New York, and the lesser quality Robusta market traded in London. The global market is valued at $102.02bn and it is expected to grow by 4.28% over the next 5 years. Coffee is grown between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn with Brazil and Vietnam being the 2 largest producers. In 2020, production stands at around 169,604,000 60kg bags (or 10.17 million tons) while consumption sits at 167,584,000 60kg bags (or 10.05 million tons).

We can support you with coffees from South America (Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Brazil and Colombia) and Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda).


The key to make any chocolate is cocoa, an essential and much-loved product for old and young alike. In the UK, we eat a staggering 30g a day on average, that equates to 2 freddo frogs each day or 1 large Toblerone every 10 days. There are 2 cocoa markets both in New York and London, both contracts are of the same quality. The global chocolate market is valued at

$130.56bn and it is expected to grow by 4.61% over the next 5 years. Cocoa grows along the Equator, and 60% of global volumes coming from Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Production of Cocoa in 2020 stands at 4.80 million tons, while consumption stands at 4.818 million tons.

We can support you with cocoa products from South America and Africa.

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